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MP731, Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals: Order Form

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Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals: Order Form

Certification tests cover the Core Manual and all manuals in the categories of your business. Questions are also taken from the Missouri Pesticide Use Act, obtainable from the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

MU pesticide applicator training
State of Missouri pesticide examination schedule

To order online

  • MX328, National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual
    Order | View
  • M87, Private Pesticide Applicator Reference Manual
    Order | View
  • M88, Right-of-Way Pest Control (Category 6)
    Order | View
  • M89, Ornamental and Turf Pest Control (Category 3)
    Order | View
  • M90, Agricultural Animal Pest Control (Category 1B)
    Order | View
  • M91, Demonstration and Research Pest Control (Category 10)
    Order | View
  • M92, Seed Treatment Pest Control (Category 4)
    Order | View
  • M93, Agricultural Plant Pest Control (Category 1A)
    Order | View
  • M94, Forest Pest Control (Category 2)
    Order | View
  • M95, General Structural Pest Control (Category 7A)
    Order | View
  • M96, Wood-Destroying Pest Management (Category 7B)
    Order | View
  • M97, Fumigation Pest Control (Category 7C)
    Order | View
  • M98, Public Health Pest Control (Category 8)
    Order | View
  • M99, Aquatic Pest Control (Category 5)
    Order | View
  • M100, Pesticide Dealers Manual
    Order | View
  • M101, Wood Preservation (Category 11)
    Order | View

To order by mail

Use the PDF form. Print out and return completed form with payment to:

  • MU Extension Publications
    2800 Maguire Blvd.
    Columbia, MO 65211
Make checks payable to University of Missouri.

To order by phone

Call toll free 800-292-0969 with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.

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