Pilot program

The Missouri Master Beekeeper Program is a six-level certification program being developed by MU Extension. Basic Beekeeping for Beginners, the first class in this pilot program, is currently being offered at several sites in the state.

Missouri Master Beekeeper Program

Due to the decline in honey bee populations and the awareness of the important role bees play in pollinating crops, interest in beekeeping is on the rise in Missouri, across the nation and around the world. In response to this interest, University of Missouri Extension developed a Missouri Master Beekeeper Program (MBP). This training and certification program will help beekeepers develop their skills through six levels of competency.

Participant requirements

The program begins with a Beginning Beekeeper level for people who are just getting started and advances through five additional levels.

All participants must enter the program at the Beginning Beekeeper level, but a beekeeper with at least three years of experience can skip the first two levels by passing written and practical examinations and serving as a mentor to less experienced beekeepers.

There is no age limit for entry into the program, though the examinations may be too difficult for children under 12 years of age.

Program requirements

The entire program requirements plan is detailed in M300, Missouri Master Beekeeper Certification Program Requirements Manual. The manual and individual fillable PDFs of the documentation forms are available from the Downloads page.