Community Emergency Management Program

Resources from the Community Emergency Management Program (CEMP) are readily available from all pages of the MU Extension Web site through the "Emergency management" tab.

About CEMP

CEMP provides education and technical assistance to individuals and families, local governments, businesses, schools and organizations in preparing and responding to natural and man-made disasters.

Disaster can affect every aspect of a community, as well as our state and nation. Disasters also impact University of Missouri Extension offices, employees and programs.

Regardless of size or impact, all disasters are local events, and thus it falls upon the local community and nongovernmental organizations to manage events when they occur. MU Extension is a key resource for the public, emergency services and public officials because of the unique relationship it maintains with each community. CEMP is a central point for MU Extension emergency management functions, including mitigation programs, preparedness activities and recovery issues.

History of CEMP

The University of Missouri has long been involved in emergency management activities through campus-based programs and local extension centers. As a result of its response to the 1990 Iben Browning earthquake scare and to the large-scale floods of 1993 and 1995, MU Extension has been recognized as a valuable resource to statewide emergency management.

Since 1993, MU Extension has been, by Executive Order of the Governor, a full member of the Government, Faith-based and Community Partnership that is responsible for enhancing "Missouri’s ability to plan and prepare for, mitigate against, respond to and recover from disasters so that all Missourians … may be assisted and empowered in their recovery." MU Extension is responsible for providing the partnership with research-based information on mitigation, preparedness, disaster management, and recovery information. MU Extension also is a full partner with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in the State Plan for Drought.

CEMP supports MU Extension's 21st Century Strategic Direction and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's goals by providing emergency management education for field faculty; developing special programs; enhancing federal, state and local partnerships; leading planning and policy development; and preparing MU Extension for its role in emergencies and disasters. CEMP also is charged with making MU Extension itself disaster-resilient and responsive to the state's needs in times of disaster.

CEMP is a collaborative effort between MU Extension's Community Development Program and the Fire and Rescue Training Institute. The "Emergency management" area on the MU Extension Web site contains valuable information from CEMP on all aspects of emergency management, and all employees are encouraged to review the site regularly.

MU Extension Emergency Management Guidance (PDF) Guidelines for MU Extension faculty and staff response to emergency situations

Extension Flu Information for Employees (DOC)

Statewide disaster response and recovery contacts


Conne Burnham, 
Emergency Management Specialist
University of Missouri Extension